We’ve put together a few resources you can use or share with your members, speakers and advertisers. We’ll add more as we discover tips, tricks and other things that may be beneficial for you!

Ad Specification Sheet

If you sell or want to sell advertising in your publications, you’ll need to share ad sizes, file formats, resolutions, etc., so people know how to submit their files. Ad size, for example, will depend on the size and style of the publication, desired page count and more. We’ll prepare a pdf that you can share with advertisers. Find out more.

Resources for Anyone Who Submits Digital Assets

We understand the challenges of collecting digital assets (images, logos, etc.). File formats, color mode and image resolution can be frustrating, confusing and just downright maddening. One file might work for an online pdf but won’t have enough resolution for a large format sign. Sometimes we can work a little designer magic, and sometimes we just need a different file.

If your exhibitors, advertisers, or speakers have questions about what they should submit, we put together a few tips that might help.

Submitting Logos

Submitting Images (Photos and Headshots)