Ad Specifications

We’ll create a Customized Advertising Specification Sheet for your unique publication.

If you are selling ad space in your publications, we can prepare an advertising specification pdf that you can share with your advertisers. We’ll work with you and define the ad sizes (full page, half page, quarter page, etc.) and give the technical specifications (such as trim size, bleed size, color mode, etc.). Already know your ad sizes? Great! We can still create specs for you, if you like. Either way, these simple but handy documents will not only give your advertisers the information they need to properly prepare their ad, but it also helps to ensure their ads will fit into the overall design and allocated page counts.

Consider the following when thinking about how ads will populate your publication.

Page Count

Ads can significantly increase the page count of your publication. If you need to stick to a certain page count due to budget or other constraints, you might need to limit available ad spaces or create smaller ad sizes, depending on the amount of conference-related content you need to include vs. the ads you think you’ll sell.

A publication up to approximately 60 pages can be saddle stitched (stapled), which is a relatively economical binding. Documents over 60 pages need to be perfect bound (have a spine), which typically increases cost and production time. It is critical to consider the amount of content you have AND the available ad space to ensure that all your content can appropriately fit.

Get Ads Early

Setting deadlines for ad submission is critical. Give advertisers enough time to prepare ads, but also make sure they submit far enough ahead of production due dates. Ads must be checked to ensure that the specifications were followed. Make sure to allow ample time to request revisions and to flow ads around the content in the most thoughtful way in your layout.