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Proofreading and Editing

I have always had an eagle eye for detail, so proofreading and editing became a natural fit for me. For more than two decades, my professional services have saved many a company and brand from a less-than-stellar first impression and missed opportunity, from a costly printing error, and from tarnishing a reputation built over years. No element goes unnoticed or unchecked – from punctuation, spelling and grammar to inconsistencies, tone and visual appeal.

I get to know my clients, their products/services, and brand so that I can ensure their style, message and voice are most effectively and meaningfully conveyed. Here’s a taste of what my clients are saying:

“Kate was a delightful surprise! I had written a technical report on a historic building, and Kate’s services were recommended. Her work was perfect. She found things I would never have been looking for. An intelligent reader was particularly important as she was able to note words or passages that were unclear or ambiguous and suggest corrections.”
—Caroline Labiner

“There is nothing of more value to a writer than the freedom to focus on the words and message. Kate is the ace up my sleeve; an outstanding proofreader who saves me from embarrassment. It’s always a relief to know that Kate’s keen eyes and knowledge will correct whatever I’ve missed. Even when I’m quite convinced a document is perfect, Kate manages to spot the one letter that evaded both spell check and my own eyes.”
—Sabra Smith, Communications Director, Preservation Pennsylvania

“Kate is an invaluable resource. We can focus our energy on the technical aspects of our writing, and know that her fresh, highly skilled pair of eyes will go over our documents with a fine-tooth comb before we publish anything.”
—Erin Hammerstedt, Preservation Services Director, Preservation Pennsylvania

Please use the form below to contact Kate, or give her a call at 610.554.6014 to discuss your needs.