Are you a busy professional who wants a partner that is easy to work with? We strive to provide a reliable, stress-free workflow so you can focus on other tasks that will make your event a success. How does our custom graphic design process works? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

First, let's talk. Nothing can replace an initial conversation to get to know each other so I can clearly understand the needs for your conference, meeting or event. I'm happy to chat when you are. Simply call me (Susan Harper) at 717-284-0964 or use our contact form.
Here are just a few things to think about:
  1. Do you have a theme or concept for your event?
  2. Do you prefer photographic and/or illustrative representations for your events? We can create something totally custom or springboard off stock imagery from sources like iStock, as well as work with imagery you provide. It all depends on your budget and preferences.
  3. What is the overall scope? Do you need a complete package of materials or a one-off piece, like a program or sign?
  4. When do you need these materials in hand? Design aside, if your materials will be produced (printed or fabricated) by outside vendors, it will take some time, so keep that in mind when creating a timeline.
  5. Send us samples. Sharing examples of previous work helps define the scope (we can see how many pages your program was) and also gives us an idea of what you liked (or didn't like) about past pieces.
Every project is different. Until we define your exact needs, it's really hard to say. However, once we understand the overall scope, we will provide a project price rather than an hourly rate. The benefit is that you know the total cost upfront, which won't change, as long as there is no "scope creep." A few other details:
  • First-time clients are required to remit a deposit; typically 50% down with the balance being due upon completion of work and payable upon receipt of invoice. If you need other terms, then let's talk.
  • Because the nature of our work is custom, we don't have any standard package plans.
  • At this time, we do not accept credit cards, but we're working on it!

That depends. Two to three weeks might be the minimum time needed to lay out a conference program, for example. And that assumes you have all the content ready to go (schedules, speaker bios, ads if you are selling them, etc.). If we are developing concepts, custom illustrations or providing any copywriting, we need to start far in advance of the event date. Overall scope, number of multi-deliverables, etc. all play in to determining the timeline. Projects for smaller meetings start at least 3 months in advance, while developing materials for a larger annual conferences should begin at least 6 months in advance (or more). Consider when you want "save-the-date" pieces in attendees' hand and back-track from there. That being said, in some cases when shortened timelines can't be avoided, we can offer more streamlined alternatives, which may require additional expense. Contact Us to discuss your project's timeline.

It's important to:

  • Get your project to us as soon as possible, so we can schedule it into our workflow.
  • Allow ample time for your internal review process.
  • Keep in mind that our creative development time does not include the vendor's time to print, bind, trim or otherwise manufacture your materials – nor does it include time for shipping. That can easily add a week or two or three or more.
  • Have your production vendors quote you lead-time and delivery time so you can back that out of your due dates.
The deliverables we give you are in virtually any file format you need. Below are some common formats we output daily:
  • High Resolution PDFs for print media
  • Low Resolution PDFs for digital media
  • JPGs
  • PNGs
  • Photoshop Files (PSDs)
  • Files will be supplied in accordance with the specifications of your signage or specialty item vendor(s).
  • App graphics are delivered in the exact size and resolution your vendor requests.
  • We typically provide JPGs for PowerPoint, but we can create a custom PowerPoint template, if you require one.

Have other questions? Just reach out, we’re happy help.