The Ever-Changing Schedule

Designed Options for Updates

Speakers change, times change, topics change … often right up to the last minute. How do you manage these changes when you want your schedules “designed” to match the rest of your event graphics and incorporated into collateral? When designing for PDF and print distribution, here are two options to consider.

For full design capabilities, Adobe InDesign is the way to go. As designers, we have total creative license to style every single element, from tables, backgrounds and fonts – right down to every ampersand. We can update the times, bios, locations, etc. as you send changes.

Alternatively, if you’d rather make changes in-house, a Word document is another option. We can design a header, footer, and/or a background graphic to match your event theme and create a master document. Simply add your schedule information and edit on the fly. Word is limited in terms of design options, but if a basic layout is all you need, this could be a good solution.