Leading into the ICPI Summer Meeting, I was interested in changing up our meeting onsite guide but was working with a minimal budget. We had used the same layout and design for the last 6+ meetings and it was time for a change – something that had a different look, feel and size. Sue had reached out previously and offered to showcase her talents on one of my next projects, so I touched based with her to begin the initial conversation. This was my first time working with Sue on a project and she was absolutely fantastic to work with! She took the information provided and turned our onsite guide into a completely different marketing piece that was not only refreshed, but more user friendly in size. Our meeting attendees not only recognized the difference, but they were seen referencing the guide more often throughout the meeting as they fit easily in their pockets. Sue has a great eye for color and design, was quick to return edits, and always happy to provide insight. I have truly enjoyed working with Sue on this project, and look forward to our next project together!

— Erin Hobson | Manager of Meetings & Trade Shows | ICPI

Having worked with Graphic Designers for 20+ years, I can honestly say that Susan Harper is a dream come true! She is extremely professional yet relaxed. Her turn-a-round time is unmatched. She is open to client ideas and feedback with patience and focus. It is obvious that she is fully engaged when working on a project no matter how big or small and never loses sight of my goal for the project. Her work is clean, creative and precise and never offers repeated ideas just to finish quickly. I enjoy my freedom to collaborate and get the exact look and message I am going for. With Susan I am never disappointed. My Association is incredibly fortunate to have Susan on its team. We started with no brand within our industry and now have a recognizable presence, that has shown over 30% increase in participation in 2016 alone! Her pricing is fair and she understands the hoops nonprofit associations must sometimes go through. All I can say is HIRE SUSAN HARPER, it will be the best decision you make for your project or organization.

— Mary S. Hendrickx | Conference Manager | RETA

Through Susan, we’ve been able to bring new creative vision to our conference materials and move towards a professional customization that sets the tone for our conferences. Being able to rely on her expertise to guide our materials allows me to move towards my deadlines in a timely manner and know the graphic design piece will come together without hardship.

— Amanda Bell | Meeting Manager, CMP | NABCA

Working with a creative collaborator like Sue Harper takes our work to the next level. It’s always a thrill to start with no idea, or a vague concept, and watch Sue transform the provided text and images into clear and useful messaging for our audiences, offering suggestions that improve clarity and make the information even more helpful. Our conference program might be a convoluted mess of workshops, training sessions, sponsor info and location information, but each year, Sue’s design underscores our theme and provides conference attendees with an easy-to-use guide to get the most out of their experience.

— Sabra Smith | Communications Director | Preservation Pennsylvania