What You Get!

We get it! And we understand your challenges. That’s why we offer unlimited revisions to your speaker and schedule content.

Putting together a conference, symposium, meeting or other event is a big, complex job. While you are coordinating the location, venue, speakers and exhibitors, let us handle the creative. We take the worry out of developing great creative and putting it all together, including unlimited revisions on certain content. Tell us your concept, theme or idea and we’ll springboard with appropriate graphics, fonts, colors or whatever your preference requires. Need help defining a theme? We can help with that too. Then, you’ll have more time to track down that speaker who owes you a bio and do the thousand other things on your list!

Below are just some of the great things you get when you work with Conference Creative.

We want clients to rely on our expertise and trust we'll deliver what we promise. Developing long-term relationships with our clients is key to a successful working partnership. We invest in getting to know your organization and understanding your goals, not only for conferences, but also the overall goals of your organization. Pairing that with knowledge of your communication style, preferences and expectations, we are even more equipped to deliver exactly the right communications you need.
We're talented, experienced and professional – that translates into a superior workflow with expert creative. We listen, ask questions and go the extra mile to deliver what we promise. We typically hit the design "mark" the first time around with minimal design revisions and less headaches for you. Even better, all this goodness comes with low overhead. So while we probably aren't the cheapest game in town, we get it done right and offer the most value!
With a clearly defined scope of work, we will provide you with a list of services and deliverables so you know exactly what to expect for the price quoted. And it won't change without your approval.
You get more than just a designer. With a degree in fine art and an extensive background in print and graphic communications, owner Susan Harper has been designing for clients since 1997. Since 2002, she has provided brand-based marketing and design to a variety of B2B and B2C clients at Sharper Creative. She does more than make things look nice; she listens carefully to understand your organization’s message and goals; then develops compelling and engaging creative designed to help make your event a great success. With our extensive background, resources and connections, we can also pull in specialists (illustrators, writers, etc.) on an as-needed basis.
Susan's been a creative professional for a long time, treating clients like she would want to be treated. She is proactive, asks lots questions and is happy to answer yours. Conference Creative offers a streamlined process that goes from start to finish in the most efficient, hassle-free and economical way possible! Time is valuable; we try to make the most of it.
wow-featureReally? Well, yes, for certain content. We understand the challenges of gathering content for your events. Schedules change, speakers drop out or new ones come on board. As a result, materials need to be updated as these changes occur. We'll provide unlimited edits on speaker and schedule content right up until the deadline for printing or electronic release. This eliminates the need to designate the number of changes "allowed," which simply wouldn't be practical. We're team players!
Not to get too far into the weeds, but making sure your content is legible is a key point that should not be overlooked. Fonts that are too small or lines that are too close together, for example, make text difficult to read, and not only for senior eyes. In our experience, conference publications have a lot of content that can be tricky to fit in the layout space available. We take great care to ensure your documents are as easy as possible to read.
Decades of experience in the printing, graphic design and marketing industry mean a lot. Our final files provided will be professional, clean and print-ready – and designed to perfection, of course! In addition, we can provide digital graphics to fit the specs you need for online communications. If you are looking for a website, we specialize in WordPress.
Not everyone has big budgets for custom photography, illustration or specially built typography. If that’s you, no worries – we have a knack for using what you have and making it look great. Whether you supply the photos or we hunt down the stock images, illustrations and fonts, the final creative will look intentional, appropriate and give your project the pizzazz it requires.

Sound good? Let’s talk. Contact Susan Harper at 717.284.0964 or use our contact form.